At present we have achieved a milling capacity of more than 4000 quintals per day as well as our sorting capacity of no lesser than 5500 quintals per day.

Besides higher productivity, consistent quality and optimum hygiene remain the prime focus for us. To achieve this we have a special training program for our employees and there is an allocation of supervisors on every unit to make sure things are done in right way.

Meticulous planning, detailing and control over each step of processing- cleaning, parboiling, drying, milling polishing, grading, sorting, weighing and packaging- have brought us closer to our vision of achieving zero-defect quality.

Today LRNK standards are respected as industry Benchmarks. Quality significant, huge capacities have been built up, enabling us to achieve global standards of efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Our milling capacity is presently 50 metric tons per hour; our polishing, sorting, grading, and packaging capacity stands at an impressive 60 metric tons per hour.

At the end we can say that our synchronization of Manpower and Machinery is at its best to enable us to achive the best.