The milling process is the backbone for the creation of desired quality. The seed of rice is separated from the paddy at ths stage.

We at Lekh Raj Narinder Kumar make sure that the paddy we purchase has good qulaity seed in it. Every paddy grain is first passed in our laboratory and then further processed in the milling plant.


We have built up a unit that use the latest technology. Our aim is to satisfy the customers by providing the best quality.

Our total sorting capacity on per day basis has reached more than 700MT.


After the sorting and cleaning process, the rice is further packed into deisred packings as per the grades. Our packaging machines are the latest and can pack more than 40 bags per minute. The whole process is automated, leadind to minimum errors.


This is the last, but one of the most important steps in the whole process. We ensure that at the time of dispatch, all the things are lined up properly.

From the covers to the sealing of the containers, our competent workforce ensures that the rice dispatched reached the final destination safely.