Established in 1974, LRNK today enjoys an envious place in the world market as the most quality-conscious in manufacturing and exporting differnet varieties of rice.

With our prime motto "TO RPOVIDE A QUALITY WHICH PROVIDES A HIGH LEVEL OF HYGIENE & STANDARDS ALONG WITH DESIRED QUALITY", we are today at a stage where we have achieved unprecedented height in Rice Export.

Being in the rice business for the past 40 years, we share a good knowledge of the filed along with experience and expertise.


Whilst there is an increase in demand for rice in the domestic and world markets we aim to satisfy the need of the customers with the best quality of products.

LRNK export house has its main manufacturing unit in the roots of Haryana state which is the best rice growing area in the whole world. Being situated in the rice growing hub our company gets the benefit of procuring the best grain.


Having direct links with more than thousands of farmers we also get an additional gain from other companies in terms of quality consciousness. LRNK being a partnership firm uses its manpower to the best so that from purchase of Paddy to the final Rice product with our supervision and control we get the best results.

In terms of goodwill LR group has the best reputation in market because of the eminence quality consciousness.